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In the generation of entertainment, LG television is a company which provides you the best viewing experience and ultrasound quality by their latest televisions and LEDs series.If you are looking to purchase Smart TVs or smart LEDs then LG is the best company to deal with. LG is a brand which is famous for their higher quality and better price list as compared to others for so many years, every year they make new and unique TVs with latest 4K technology and various modern features available in the market like ULTRA-HD FULL-HD etc.

Features to know about LG Televisions:

As we are purchasing a new TV or LED from the market we should have to know about the features and qualities of the product. LG gives you the best features available at the best price. Following are some Well-known features of LG Television Company:

The Screen Size& Resolution:

IF we are buying a new LED TV then screen size is the most important thing to consider according to our space location and need. LG TVs screen size range from 22 inches to 86 inch and everything in between it.

Sound Quality:

To get the best experience of entertainment through TVs it is essential that the quality of sound should be much better. LG provides you the best sound quality in their several models. Some of the models are available with built-in amplifier and woofer systems to provide better sound experience.


The most important thing for a customer when he or she is purchasing something is PRICE. Everyone wants to get best things at a standard price according to their need and budget. LG TVs have a various Range of rates from Low price to higher price according to their features. Following are some price range and Variety of LG TVs:

LG 24 inch HD ready LED television:

Its market price is RS. 11,999 with the available features

LG 32 inch HD LED Television:

Its basic price in the market is Rs.23, 400, with 32 inches HD LED screen.

LG 43 inch full HD Smart LED Television:

Its current price is RS. 35,999 in the market with full HD 43 inches screen having good features as well.

LG 49 inch full HD Smart LED Television:

Its current market price is RS. 52,999 with 49 inches full HD revolutionary LED screen.

These are few of the LG LED that are running the market.

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