Common symptoms that may drive you to a urologist

The human body is a tricky mechanism which can be understood by only those who deal with such complications. Different organs of the body have to face different issues, and for them, there are different experts in medical science also. Those who have to face the issues related to kidney, needs to meet the urologists but before that one has to understand the symptoms by when he needs to rush to this expert. Urological issues are quite common in men and women both. If not treated on time, these issues can take a bigger form and cause serious damage to your body. Thus, it is much necessary to identify the signs and symptoms of urological issues and get it treated by a certified urologist.

Here’s a look at common signs that suggest you need to see the urologist:

1.Blood in urine

It is not a good sign to spot blood in urine, and it means that there is something wrong with your kidneys. In such case, you need to see the urologist immediately. Blood in the urine can be a sign of kidney or bladder cancer. Even if you don’t see the blood regularly, it is a matter of concern and requires immediate medical intervention.

2.Difficulty while urinating

Though not life-threatening, difficulty while urinating is very uncomfortable. It is caused by the enlarged prostate which is a common system when getting older. However, the condition can be treated with the help of medicines for relieving the symptoms and shrinking the prostate gland.

3.Painful urination

Just like difficulty in urination, the painful urination also needs a visit to the urologist. Pain while urinating can happen because of infection in any part of the urinary tract which is mostly caused by the bacteria. The urologist not only determines the cause of the infection but also suggests a targeted treatment.

4.Frequent urination

It is time you see the urologist if you are suffering from incontinence, i.e., urine leakage. If it begins suddenly, so much so that it interferes with your lifestyle, it needs to be treated. Incontinence is a very common issue faced by both men and women and can be treated successfully.

5.Kidney abnormality

If the doctor detects something unusual in the X-ray reports, it is better to see the urologist to determine the cause of abnormality and get the treatment done.


While this symptom is male-specific, it shouldn’t be ignored. It has been observed that 25% of the infertility cases in men are caused due to a male problem. It is recommended to get an evaluation done by the top urologist in India for getting the correct treatment done.

7.Pain in testes

This is yet again a male-specific symptom. If you feel pain in the testes for several weeks on the go, it is time to visit the urologist to detect if it is a minor issue or a serious problem.
Thus, if you notice one or more of these signs, immediately make an appointment with the urologist.

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